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Last updated: 20th November

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Persimmon plans 280 homes on flood plain

Fibre broadband works

Devastated at loss of route 54 bus service

I am tracking the following planning applications.


Daily COVID data for Yatton – GOV.UK

Local hospital data – GOV.UK

North Somerset COVID-19 data dashboard


 If you have more complex needs, you (or someone on your behalf) can request support via NORTH SOMERSET TOGETHER. Requests are assessed and escalated to the Council’s Care Connect service or passed on to our community support leads for Yatton and Claverham, who will allocate a trusted volunteer to support you.

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12 comments on “Latest updates

  1. Peter Trevaskus

    A very useful website with great facts on the current Covid situation locally.
    However, it would make more sense if, in addition to total cases, we could see the number of hospital admissions; number of deaths; how many are over 65 or with pre-existing health problems, and also how many cases of flu & pneumonia resulting in hospitalisation occurred locally at the same time?
    We need the full picture.

  2. Nikolas Phillips

    Hi Steve,
    Now that the building in Strawberry Drive has finished there appears to be one small area that is in no mans land as it were. There is a strip between the houses in Strawberry Drive and the houses in Lodge Close, I believe that it is the responsibility of the new development but seems to be left as if it were scrap land and is very overgrown.
    I have been hacking down all the weeds abutting my property ie no 7 Lodge Close but shouldn’t it be the upkeep of the building/management company. Your help would be appreciated.
    Nik Phillips

  3. Hi Steve,
    The weed sprayer drove along the high street this morning, spraying weeds on the pavement during the school run (1st October) It was literally spraying between people walking their children to school. If this spraying is really still going on, please can you let me know who to contact about a) the need to spray weedkiller in October when the annual weeds are dying down and they would have seeded already anyway and b) doing it during the busy school run.

    • Steve Bridger

      Hi Anja… apologies, just picked this up. Obviously too late on this occasion but this isn’t acceptable at all, so I will take this up with the appropriate officer and report back to you.

    • Louise Finnie

      Hi Steve,
      I am just enquiring as to the new speed restrictions on North end road after the roundabout towards The Bridge Inn.
      Is this speed limit not being reduced to 30?
      It seems ridiculous in the new road surfacing works recently that it has been marked at 40, this is too high for this road, it’s so dangerous.
      Where is the new crossing going? I thought it was after the roundabout on this stretch of road?
      The pavements were recently cleared but nothing after half way along this end of North end road. The pavement towards the Bridge Inn is dangerous and overgrown and also very very untidy. This again forces people to single file walk along the pavement and will eventually cause another accident. Once the new development works at Chestnut park this is going to be a footpath to join North end road, if families walk this way to go to The Bridge Inn with the 40 speed limit and overgrown pavements this is a disaster in the making. Locals have to cross the road at that point to walk along, with a blind bend at the farm 40 is too high.
      What is your view is it being looked into?

  4. Steve Bridger

    I’ll email you.

  5. Kathryn Longstaff

    On Sunday I walked with Fred on the path from Wheatear Road to the Strawberry Line. It was very obvious that horses had been ridden along there, it is a bit more visible than dog poo!! Where does the council stand on this being used as a bridle path?

  6. Hi Steve
    Is there a date yet (actual or indicative) for the traffic calming measures for Yatton?

    • Steve Bridger

      Hi Rob – apologies – only just seen this. Yes, work on the new ramp into Yatton Schools started on Monday 8th August. As you know, our Yatton scheme is multi-faceted and we are finalising the last bit of detail before sharing with residents. Work on the wider package is scheduled to begin around November and will happen in phases through to March.

  7. Dear Steve,
    I must complain about the sopping of the 126 bus, this bus comes through Locking Village and is the only one that does and a lot of our people in Locking are retired and can not walk out to the main road to catch it, I know that they are old and probably don’t pay but it is a service that First Bus provid or does not.
    They say that it is a lack of drivers so why not divert the 51 bus into Locking as it already drives past on the 3771 so why not a detour to pick up in Locking ?

  8. Hi Mr Bridger
    As pensioners my wife and I are both devastated at the loss of No 54 Bus Service to and around Clevedon from Yatton, after moving back to the area in December last to Northend Yatton, we now find that like all bus pass holders in Yatton the Bus Pass is an insult without a bus to use it on.
    We are aware that you worked tirelessly to get the Service in the first place, so appreciate all you have done to date, but just wondered if there has been any progress made with finding a new Service provider. Is there anything we can do as the General Public to bring pressure on North Somerset Council, to get their act together and help the Pensioners of Yatton for a change, rather than, as it seems, just being bothered about their beloved Weston!!
    Many thanks for your efforts to help.
    Kindest regards
    Steve Carey.

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