Thank you – delivering for Yatton ward

Dear Resident,

Four years ago I stood for election to be your representative on North Somerset Council because I wanted to do something positive and tangible. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to ensure Yatton, Claverham, Kingston Seymour and Kenn get the investment and attention we deserve.

As well as taking up many hundreds of casework issues, this work has included…

  • A brand new £6m primary school at Chestnut Park.
  • Leading the community response and mobilisation of volunteers to support hundreds of residents during the COVID lockdowns.
  • Securing funding for a comprehensive package of measures to make Yatton High Street and surrounding residential streets safer to walk and wheel – including a new safe route into Yatton Schools.
  • The replacement of 17 bridges and 40 assorted gates to improve footpaths linking Kingston Seymour to Yatton, as part of a £300,000 investment in the local Public Rights of Way network.
  • Successfully reinstating a timetabled bus connection to Clevedon – only to lose it to the broken commercial bus market.
  • Securing a commitment to re-route the X5 through Yatton from September.
  • Working hard to launch WESTlink – what will be the biggest mobilisation of on-demand public transport in the country.
  • Fighting off an attempt to locate a 15m 5G mast completely inappropriately next to the bus stop at the pedestrian entrance to Yatton precinct.
  • Resurrecting the project to extend the Strawberry Line to Clevedon – including engagement with key stakeholders like National Highways and GWR – with the aim of opening the route by 2026/27.
  • Steering the transfer of a failing waste and recycling contract to a council-run arms length company to support our collective achievement of becoming the 4th best unitary council in England for recycling and composting!
  • Winning council refusals for the Moor Road and Rectory Farm planning applications (only to see Govt-appointed inspectors overturn the wishes of the community.)
  • Stopping the use of weedkiller in council parks and open spaces, with a review of its use on the highway network.
  • Protected frontline services like our wonderful libraries and vital children’s centres, despite continuing austerity.
  • Outside of Yatton ward – and in a uniquely challenging environment – leading on and driving forward high profile projects like the Portishead Rail line and the Banwell bypass.
Completing the extension of the Strawberry Line to Clevedon.
Continuing to work hard to make public transport accessible, affordable and reliable. 
Campaigning for better access to medical facilities to serve a growing population. 
Committing the council to publishing an annual State of Nature in North Somerset report.