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I thought it would be useful to provide a quick update on where we are with the Council’s recycling and waste service. I stress this is a very-fast moving situation, so details may change at any time.

  • The decision has been made to close all three of our Household Waste Recycling Centres with immediate effect and until further notice. The Council has taken this decision based on the most recent government advice on social distancing and non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to ensure the safety of both residents and employees. Trips to recycling centres are not included on the government list of essential reasons for travel.
  • I am hoping this will not result in more incidents of fly-tipping , but if you witness anything please report it here .
  • Volumes of recycling and waste are high but we will try and keep up a normal collection service for as long as possible, although some crews are working short-handed. Missed collections should be caught up.
  • The Council has been training some Glendale staff ready to redeploy to Biffa as and when necessary. More agency staff are also being trained.
  • I would ask we all assist crews by separating out recycling material. It can take as little 20 seconds if a box is sorted – and as long as 2 minutes if recycling is mixed up. Please also wash and squash plastic cartons. With staffing pressures crews are working really hard so we can all help. More information in this leaflet
  • Our crews have noticed a big rise in the amount of cardboard being put out (more home deliveries?). This does slow down the crews and means we might see an increase in missed collections. Please help by collapsing, flattening and folding cardboard boxes and if you have more than normal consider keeping some back until your next collection day.
  • We’ve seen an increase in tissues being put in recycling boxes, which is causing concern and may result in bins being left. Tissues are not recyclable and should go in your black wheelie bin. If you or anyone in your house has or is showing symptoms of coronavirus please take these special measures to dispose of your waste (double-bag, tie securely and keep separate from other waste for 72 hours).
  • We are very mindful of the safety of our crews. At the moment, crews are mustering outside each morning (rather than in the building) and the canteen has been closed. The situation is under constant review.
  • Given many more of you will be working from home, there are more parked cars than usual on residential streets. Please park considerately and make sure there is enough room for emergency service and recycling vehicles to get through.  If a recycling truck can’t get through then a fire engine will struggle too. Please follow these top tips when parking:
    • Pull in your wing mirrors (don’t forget to flip them out before driving off)
    • Don’t park too close to corners – fire engines, recycling vehicles and refuse trucks need more room to turn
    • If you’re parking opposite someone, remember that a fire engine and council vehicles need 3m – or two car widths – to pass safely
    • Make sure your wheels are straight and not sticking out
    • Park as close to the kerb as you can
    • Always follow the Highway Code and obey the road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions
    • In narrow streets, only park on one side of the road where possible
    • Make sure you leave enough space for pedestrians on the pavement
    • Don’t block driveways.

Thank you.

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