Stowey Road pedestrian and cycle zone

The Council is proposing to make the temporary measures along a section of Stowey Road more permanent and to create a school pedestrian and cycle zone.

  • It is proposed the restrictions will apply Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm, except for access.
  • All properties within the restricted area (and the closest properties to the junctions) will receive a letter before Christmas. The letter will include an email address to make any comments or observations.
  • The intention is to install large planters at the junctions with Well Lane and Cherry Grove, where the priority at both of these junctions will be changed (with the appropriate white lining) so the alignment naturally takes drivers back to the High Street.
  • The temporary barriers will be removed from the lay-by outside the school gates.
  • The pedestrian and cycle zone will have an 18 month temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) and will be enforceable.
  • At the end of this period, a decision will be made about whether to make this a permanent TRO.

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22 comments on “Stowey Road pedestrian and cycle zone

  1. This needs to be part of a bigger plan for Yatton roads. This measure is good but will push more traffic on to high street and Mendip road.
    Traffic slowing measures need to be introduced on to
    The High Street to stop it being used as a race track and also parking on the High Street causes real pinch points and long queues of traffic . Mendip road is a residential road just like stowey road and needs to be given equal status . It’s like a slalom at times.
    Pedestrian need to be prioritised on this road too.

    The high street needs slower traffic as pavements are narrow and huge lorries come very close travelling slower will help.

  2. Dr Kevin Hollis

    Fantastic. Would love Yatton to feel like a ‘slow village’ for cars.
    Full ‘home zone’ treatment off the High Street would be even better with level road and pavements giving pedestrian priority and crawling cars. (I’ll always look for the next step, though I’m very happy with this one.)
    Combined with the 20mph High Street will be a very significant change in the right direction.

  3. Martin parsons

    Sounds good for the people who live there ,but are you not just going to push more traffic onto the high street and then those lookin for a easy way will make mendip road a total nightmare,also with the new housing on rectory farm ,it does not seem a very thought out piece of planning , what is or who is behind the issue of storey road being a issue

  4. How ridiculous! I know this is a foregone conclusion that it will happen no matter what people say!

    Yatton as it stand does not have the road infrastructure to cope with current levels of traffic and when you factor in the big increase of traffic that will come with phase 3 of Bloor and the new development opposite Bloor as well as if (or rather when) the Stowey Road development goes ahead, this makes the council imposing these restrictions even more ridiculous! What will happen is that more traffic will use the High Street & Mendip Road to get from one end of the village to the other, causing more traffic through another residential area and the already struggling High Street.

    If these sorts of harebrained ideas are going to be implemented then no further housing developments can be allowed in the village and some sort of bypass needs to be built.

    It would be nice to have a council that was not anti-car! Not everyone has a bike or can or is able to walk!

  5. 8-4 is to long can it not be change to the times people will be on the school run?

  6. Please just build the bypass.

  7. Juley Howard

    Although this will affect me as I will have to transport animal food, building materials etc via the High Street and down Cherry Grove instead, I support any measures that will improve road safety. I am assuming that the road safety officers say that this will do so.
    I often cycle along here and feel that it is much safer than the High Street so I hope that you will get on with the High Street road safety measures to improve that. Cars need to be more careful around cyclists.

  8. Please put it back to how it was. It is not fair on the rest of the village. It is not a rat run, it is a road.

  9. Lesley Rowles

    It will be interesting to see how this works. Personally, I think anything that curbs the “rat run” mentality of some drivers has got to be a good thing. If I lived in that stretch of Stowey Road, I would be very pleased indeed to have something calming the traffic down, and making a pleasanter, safer environment for walkers and cyclists.

  10. Liz Harston

    I live within the restricted area and fully support this new road scheme. I have noticed many more people walking, running, cycling & scooting along the road this year & since lockdown ended there still seem to be many more people getting out and enjoying the quieter, safer road. At school time, I’ve noticed a few parents have started dropping off & picking up by car again, especially now the weather has turned a little wintery, but on the whole there are more people walking.
    I think the new priority will improve the two junctions, that are often made risky due to selfish, illegal parking, that forces drivers onto the wrong side of the road, or causes poor visibility.
    I would like to see the cycle way extended slightly so that children can safely get to Hangstones Park entrance. I’d also like to see weekends included in the scheme, as that’s when I see lots more groups of children, without adult supervision, using Stowey Road to get to the park, far more than in previous years, which I presume is because their parents feel the road is safer for them now.
    My only concerns are about speeding motorists & whether the restrictions will be enforced. I have seen some crazy driving early in the mornings & the evenings, where people think they have the road to themselves & many motorists have started ignoring the restrictions already in place.

  11. Sally Brock

    I agree with this proposal. Since the temporary measures have been in place it is far safer to walk my son to school (which I now do everyday) and he can also safely cycle to and from school along Stowey Rd which we would never be able to do safely along the High St.. I also think the cleaner air on this route is noticeable and far preferable to the noisy, dusty route along the High St. My husband uses a mobility scooter and the pavements are wide enough for him to use along Stowey Rd (unlike High St) and again he finds it a safer, cleaner route with the reduction in traffic and can even safely scoot on the road. Finally, I think the suggestion of pernanent planters with pollinating plants/grasses would also be an improvement.

  12. Jessie McArdle

    I fully support this plan. The current Stowey Rd arrangements make walking to school feel so much safer and more pleasant and it would be wonderful to support this being a more permanent arrangement. I do think the temporary barriers outside the school should remain as they discourage parents from idling in their Cars polluting the environment whilst they wait to drop off their children.

    The narrowing of the junctions will make crossing these side rds much safer. It currently difficult as a pedestrian to predict the approach a car will take.

  13. Tracey Poole

    Stowey Road should open as usual for traffic. The village is hugely congested due to the housing developments springing up at north end and with constant road closures at either end of the village (usually to accommodate building work), the high street is under huge pressure. Why have one empty street that could be used to allow free movement in and out of the village when there is obviously growing havoc elsewhere? Having just one access road through a growing village is becoming dangerous and unacceptable. I have seen near misses involving cars, trucks and people recently because the high street is so congested and cannot carry the constant load of increased traffic. There seems to be no viable reason for this sudden closure. It makes absolutely no sense and is bringing the village to a halt. Obviously the only people this will serve are the residents of that particular street and no one else, which is vastly unfair.

  14. Billy Poole

    So the rest of Yatton is suffering mass building developments, increased and dangerous traffic, lack of space and infrastructure YET Stowey Road is suddenly exempt and gets to keep its own little oasis of quiet roads and no traffic??? Who exactly has put this forward and what are the reasons please?

  15. Warwick hulme

    Just do not see any need or sense to this. If the reason is because of the school safety then just impose the speed limit better with perhaps road calming measures.

  16. Andrew Bird

    If you wish to make the road safer, a 20mph zone would be better, with a raised area by the school to slow cars down where it matters most.

  17. Julie Wiggins

    If children stay for after school activities 4pm is too early. They will exit the site onto a normal road when they arrived under pedestrian conditions. This could potentially be dangerous.
    What other measures will be implemented to ensure other routes through Yatton will be as uncongested as possible?
    How will drivers on the main road be advised not to go down side roads to cut through as they currently do. Could make living on the unpedestrianised parts of Stowey Road and side roads unpleasant and create unwanted traffic.

  18. Helen Bidwell-Ford

    Hi Steve
    What amazes me is that this is introduced with no consultation whilst I’m a resident of Congresbury , having lived in Yatton since 1991 & used to walk my children to school. This proposal will force more traffic onto the high street coupled with more houses, therefore increased traffic , it will be far worse for people to walk through the main high street & breathe in worse fumes with with all the traffic stopping &queuing let alone when we revert to normality. I hope they seriously don’t introduce this as a permanent feature as I think it will make the traffic issues worse not better. A 20 mph solution would be far more helpful especially with some of the narrow parts of the road.

  19. Steve Martin

    Hi Steve, I’d be very grateful for an explanation as to why the proposal is being put forward and it’s aims?It would also be useful to understand what alternatives there may be and whether the knocks have been considered- ie are we just moving the problem somewhere else?
    I look forward to your response.
    Many thanks

  20. Philip Davey

    It can be very difficult to turn right out of Well Lane and why divert more traffic to an already busy High Street?

  21. Tony Spinks

    I have been given a copy of NSC’s letter of 22/12/20 given to some residents in Stowey Road Yatton. I live in Well Lane near the junction with Stowey Road and am extremely disappointed that some residents around the junction have not been officially informed of this change.

    It seems that this change will make it a lot more dangerous to reverse out of our driveways onto Well Lane. I anticipate the traffic is likely to be travelling faster as the drivers are less likely to slow down in either Well Lane before turning right onto Stowey Road or those travelling in the opposite direction.
    There is already a lot of parked cars on Well Lane in both the mornings and afternoons of the parents of school children who now choose to use our road as a car park despite the suggestion of Hangstones car park. I anticipate that this change may increase the number of parked cars!

  22. Elly Gray

    I worry for the safety of my infants children who walk along the high street to get to school. The increased traffic on the high street will impact the safety of the youngest children at the school. Please could you provide the traffic models that surely have been run to prove that this measure will improve the safety of the children of the yatton schools. As a council I believe you should run these models and show proof that this will improve safety for all people of yatton. There has been at least one death that I am aware of on the high street. The traffic calming measures should be focused in the high risk areas not what people think. I pray that these measures that local council thinks may help won’t actually lead to additional accidents on the high street. Please also make sure there isn’t a conflict on interest with these measures.

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