Smart Systems and Wemberham Lane

Smart Systems began using a new access onto Wemberham Lane without permission

Smart Systems confirmed they would use the access only in “exceptional circumstances”. The access has not been used this week.

On 21st January Smart Systems announced they would direct up to 100 cars a day via a new temporary exit onto Wemberham Lane for a period of up to 16 weeks from 1st February.

The reason given was that this would facilitate a one-way traffic flow within the site and mitigate against the possibility of construction traffic meeting normal business traffic.

Smart Systems actually started to use this temporary access on Monday 25th January.

A number of residents contacted me with their concerns and last week I was in regular contact with the Council’s head of planning enforcement, lead transport planner and other officers. I also met parish councillors.

Consequently, Council officers wrote to Smart Systems informing them they were in breach (having failed to at least apply for a variation of planning condition) and should not be using any access onto Wemberham Lane.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by residents and myself, Smart Systems first reduced the need for some of their employees to use the exit to an “absolute minimum” and have since confirmed they would use the exit only in “exceptional circumstances”. The access has not been used this week.

Smart Systems are a valued local employer and I have thanked the business for listening to residents.

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