Orchard saved for a second time

“The long term future of the village cannot be compromised for the short term benefit of the developer”

On Wednesday, North Somerset Council’s Planning & Regulatory Committee unanimously supported my proposal to refuse Persimmon’s latest planning application for the Moor Road site.

As the refusal was contrary to officer recommendation (to approve), this will be held over to the next meeting for a final decision.

Proposing the motion to refuse – 1:14:00

Richard Kent, Head of Planning – 1:43:43

My summing up before the vote – 1:45:08

2 comments on “Orchard saved for a second time

  1. Ann Gawthorpe

    Excellent news

  2. Alan Barnstable

    Well done on this but how could the “officer recommendation” be to approve this !!! This is unwanted development on a massive scale, how could anyone think it’s a good idea to vandalise this field and bring out 60 homes worth of traffic out onto Moor Road to worsen the usage of Moor Road or further congest the junction into North End. The overdevelopment of Yatton is obscene, completely overstretching the infrastructure in all regards.

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