Vegetation cut back at North End

I am aware that the overgrown verges along stretches of North End Road have caused great frustration to many residents, myself included.

A road resurfacing scheme was actually planned for North End last year. Part of those works were to include vegetation clearance – including siding back the footways to restore some width. Unfortunately, due to housebuilders and utility companies requiring road space in this area for others works the scheme was postponed (to be rearranged).

This time of year it is challenging for North Somerset Council to manage and maintain the vegetation across the district. In fact, landowners (including the local authority) are not allowed to cut back hedgerows or trees unless absolutely essential due to the bird nesting season.

However, when the safety of pedestrians is called into question, we are able to take action and I have asked that the most overgrown sections of the footway on the ‘northern’ side between Yatton RFC and North End get cut back as this is now safety critical.

The vegetation is now scheduled to be cut back this week using a tractor and flail.

While this process will cut back the greenery (and will give more reach than cutting by hand), this will still not remove the mud and debris on the back edge of the footpath. It should make a significant difference though and will be much safer.

I am hopeful that the works this week will resolve the problem – at least temporarily – until such time that the planned resurfacing scheme can take place, and further work on restoring more width to the footways can be completed using appropriate traffic management.

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