Active travel and cycle routes

Last updated: 7th April

The package of planned improvements for Yatton High Street are now out for public consultation until 9th May.

You can have your say here

The aims of the package for Yatton are as follows:

  • improve safety and perceptions of safety for people walking, cycling and other forms of active travel between North End and Yatton village centre, including trips to and from school.
  • increase the proportion of journeys made by active, lower-carbon ways (such as walking, cycling and scooting) within Yatton, particularly from new developments at North End;
  • ensure the new developments at North End contribute to the improvement of the village as a safe, active and attractive place to live, work, learn and visit.

We are therefore proposing to:

  • introduce a 20mph speed limit to slow vehicle speeds and improve road safety
  • widen footways at narrow pinch points through the High Street
  • improve crossing points for pedestrians
  • provide a new access into the primary school through the Co-op car park (subject to agreement with landowners)
  • other minor alterations of signage, gullies and bus stops to facilitate the works
  • realign the Cherry Grove and Well Lane junctions with Stowey Road as part of the school pedestrian and cycle zone.

Work also continues on The Strawberry Line to Clevedon project.