Pedestrian safety improvements

Last updated: 7th September, 8:30pm

  • Some of the signage has not been clear enough and I have asked for some changes to be made. Hopefully, this will be actioned on Wednesday 8th. 
  • For example, some vehicles have driven past the “Road Closed” sign at the northern end and have then needed to reverse back down towards Ham Lane.
  • A ‘closure gate’ will now be installed at the junction with Ham Lane – basically a road closed sign and some barriers across half the road at the junction with Ham Lane to maintain access for local residents, but deterring through traffic from proceeding any further (also giving them the opportunity to turn at Ham Lane.)
  • Some bespoke signage will be installed at the junction of the High Street and Kenn Moor Road to advise HGV drivers that the moor road is unsuitable for them and not a diversion route.
  • Checks will be made to ensure that ‘trigger’ signage at the Tesco roundabout in Clevedon and at Smallway / A370 traffic lights in Congresbury is in place… with some additional signage to support this message.
  • I understand roadworks are disruptive, especially when road closures are necessary. Hopefully these measures and everyone being more familiar with the closure will ease the impact on local residents. I’ll continue to monitor the situation. 
  • Some residents have understandably been asking why the A370 will be closed for part of the day on 7th September… at the same time as the planned closure in Yatton North End. I also queried this, and have received the following response (which makes sense to me).
  • The A370 works were originally programmed for August but were delayed to avoid more pressure on the local road network over the holiday period. The works were pushed back to the very end of the ‘season’ in early September for a specialist treatment (surface dressing ).
  • While the A370 closure is programmed for 9:30am – 3:30pm, if the works proceed without issue the road is likely to be open earlier. Engineers estimate a 4-hour window of work. This particular work cannot be undertaken overnight
  • The North End Road (B3133) works are also time restricted and a request to complete the works over the summer holiday period was denied by NSC (which I support). There is no good time to close a road, but I can only imagine the complaints if NSC had authorised an August closure and there was an incident on the M5.
  • Consequently, there is again a smaller window of opportunity to complete works before the autumn and winter months. NSC has been more cautious this year regarding the granting of permits for works over this summer due to more people deciding to holiday in the UK and associated high traffic volume predictions. While this approach does allow for better traffic flow, it has led to a more condensed period of works on the highway in September.


North End Road

There will be a full day & night closure of North End Road (B3133) from 6th-12th September. This may extend into a second week.

As you may have read, work on a £250,000 council scheme to improve the B3133 North End Road in Yatton begins on Monday 6th September.

The work will be carried out in three phases over six weeks to minimise disruption. North Somerset Council (NSC) is working alongside housing association and house-builder Curo on the first and last phase of the scheme.

Full road closure
Phase 1 of works requires full road closure during the day and night time to enable Curo to install a 60m foul rising main connection (from the new housing development at Eaton Park) into the existing Wessex Water sewer and construct a toucan crossing.

Curo will endeavour to deliver these works within one week. However, this may extend to up to two weeks (to Sunday 19th September) if there are any unforeseen issues.

While the road is closed, NSC will carry out as much of the preparation work for resurfacing as they can. I am particularly pleased that this work will include clearing the overgrown vegetation and detritus to claim back lost pavement width. This has been a priority for me for some time. It should make a significant difference for residents and will complement the substantial package of improvements for pedestrians we’re finalising for Yatton High Street (see below).

Lost width will be restored to footways

Additionally, NSC will… 

  • Repair, and where required resurface, any damaged sections of pavement
  • Replace damaged kerbs and ironworks throughout the area – including 15m of kerbing at the Ham Lane junction
  • Cleanse the highway drainage system
  • Install a tactile crossing point near the rugby club

Single-lane closure
Once NSC has finished its work (by Sunday 19th September), Curo will complete the sewer connection works using temporary two-way traffic lights for a further three weeks.

NSC will then return on Monday 11th October for phase three which will involve a five night (8:00pm to 6:00am) road closure to resurface the road and (hopefully) finalise the toucan crossing.

NSC will write to notify those residents most impacted by the overnight closure – probably w/c 13th September when we’ll have a bit more confidence about what work is left to complete. I will do my best to keep this page updated, too.

Toucan crossings can be used by both cyclists and pedestrians – The Highway Code

The different elements have been planned and scheduled in such a way to minimise disruption by carrying out as much work as possible during the road closure.

The joint closure will allow the noisier elements of the work to be completed during the day to minimise disruption to residents. It also means the road only has to be closed once during the scheme.

I’m in touch with the lead engineer and know that NSC has worked hard with Curo to share road space and reduce the amount of time we are working on the road as a result. I’m grateful for the collaborative way NSC officers, Curo and the respective contractors have worked together to benefit residents.

A diversion route will be in place and a traffic management system will give access to properties on the section of the road affected.

Will the 54 bus use the diversion route to Clevedon?

Unfortunately not. From 6th – 12th September the 54 bus (timetable) will terminate at North End and then wait its time at Yatton railway station before resuming service back towards Bristol Airport. While this is regrettable, diverting around the closure is not really an option. The X2 (timetable) will not be affected by the closure. Andy Fear of Citistar has also published a timetable change to the 128 on Thursday 9th September.

Will this affect Home to School Transport?

NSC officers have been working with the coach operators to make the necessary arrangements, which I understand to be in hand. 

Will there still be pedestrian access at North End?

NSC will maintain pedestrian access at all times during its works, although this may require special arrangements to get people through safely while work is taking place to footways. I’m double-checking pedestrian access will be available while Curo undertake their works.

Will I be able to use the roads over the moors?

Yes… and contrary to internet chatter, they will remain open to cars (and were never going to be closed). Please be courteous to other road users as these roads will likely be busy with diverted traffic.

I would urge all residents to be patient and understanding while these essential works and improvements are completed.

Yatton High Street

The public consultation on a package of planned improvements for Yatton High Street closed on 9th May.

We have spent a lot of time reading through the 500+ responses and submissions. I hope we will be able to agree a final scheme in September and also share a consultation summary document and schedule of works.

To recap, the aims of the package for Yatton are as follows:

  • improve safety and perceptions of safety for people walking, cycling and other forms of active travel between North End and Yatton village centre, including trips to and from school.
  • increase the proportion of journeys made by active, lower-carbon ways (such as walking, cycling and scooting) within Yatton, particularly from new developments at North End;
  • ensure the new developments at North End contribute to the improvement of the village as a safe, active and attractive place to live, work, learn and visit.

We consulted on proposals to:

  • introduce a 20mph speed limit to slow vehicle speeds and improve road safety
  • widen footways at narrow pinch points through the High Street
  • improve crossing points for pedestrians
  • provide a new access into the primary school through the Co-op car park (subject to agreement with landowners)
  • other minor alterations of signage, gullies and bus stops to facilitate the works
  • realign the Cherry Grove and Well Lane junctions with Stowey Road as part of the school pedestrian and cycle zone.