Bus services

Last updated: 4th October

Timetables do not usually include every stop, but buses will stop at all bus stops on request.

X2 (Yatton – Bristol)

X2 timetable and route map until 8th October 2022

Please note that the Citistar 128 service has been withdrawn and the 54 service terminated on 2nd September 2022 after the bus operator, HCT, was wound up.

Weston College

Bus routes and timetables

Please note, to access these services, students will need to purchase a specific Bakers Dolphin bus pass through the college shop or at one of the campus receptions.

Claverham and Yatton to Weston-super-Mare
07:48 Claverham Post Office
07:50 Yatton Henley Lodge
08:20 South West Skills Campus Borough Arms Bus Stop
08:30 Knightstone Campus Waterloo Street Bus Stop J (Argos)
08:40 Loxton Road Campus Bus Stop

Weston-super-Mare to Yatton and Claverham
17:10 Loxton Road Campus Bus Stop
17:20 Knightstone Campus Bus Stop SS
17:30 South West Skills Campus Borough Arms Bus Stop
17:50 Yatton Henley Lodge
17:52 Claverham Post Office