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Yatton Schools
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On national offer day (16th April) for reception places, 98.4 per cent of on-time applicants received one of their three preference schools. 92.7 per cent were allocated their first preference.


Parents should access the school as instructed in writing by Yatton Schools.

In order to maintain social distancing in the vicinity of Yatton Schools and to allow more space for pedestrians and cyclists, the Council has (in consultation with the school and the police) implemented the following measures.

Stowey Road (between Cherry Grove and Well Lane) – “No access except residents, businesses and deliveries” signage and diversion signs to try and reduce traffic levels.

An approx. 50m stretch of Stowey Road (outside the rear access to the schools) – barriered off reduced to a single lane to create more pedestrian space.

The following signs have been installed at various locations – on the road, fixed to lampposts, etc.

There are also some diversion signs to try and discourage rat running.

All these measures will be constantly reviewed to ensure they are working as planned.

While not official, I would like to encourage parents walking to and from school to adopt a one-way system when using footways. Staggered starts and finishes to the school day may mean numbers will be limited at the moment – but good habits need to start somewhere!


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