Yatton High Street

Last updated: 17th March

North Somerset Council consulted on a package of planned pedestrian safety improvements for Yatton High Street back in 2021.

See below for more detail on the phased schedule of works.

After the completion of the ramp to provide a new access into Yatton Schools through the Co-op car park, we are now ready to complete the rest of the project – which we are calling “Connected Yatton”.

The aim of the package is to improve safety and perceptions of safety for people walking, cycling and scooting within Yatton, particularly from the new developments at North End to Yatton village centre, including trips to and from school… and to increase the proportion of short journeys made this way.

We spent a lot of time reading through the 500+ responses and submissions to the consultation to further tweak the final scheme. There were also the inevitable delays and cost pressures given the inflationary times we currently live in.

These are the scheme elements we consulted on, and which will now be delivered in phases between now and July/August 2023.

  • we will introduce a 20mph speed limit on the High Street (and all side roads) between the Wemberham Lane and Claverham Road mini-roundabouts to slow vehicle speeds and improve road safety
  • stretches of footway will be widened at narrow pinch points along the High Street
  • new and improved zebra crossings 
  • some junctions will be ‘squared off’ and crossing distances reduced – e.g. Kenn Moor Road, Barberry Farm Road
  • other minor alterations of signage and gullies to facilitate the works
  • school pedestrian and cycle zone enhancement – relining the Cherry Grove and Well Lane junctions with Stowey Road to divert drivers back to the High St and not past the school.

All our bus stops will be replaced over the next 1-2 years and we will install new interchange bus stops just south of the railway bridge.

There are a few other scheme elements that are currently being finalised, which will enable a re-route of the X5 bus service through Yatton after these works are completed. The DRT bus service will start on 3rd April.

  • The first phase of the work is the stretch of the High Street between Grassmere Road/Barberry Farm Road to the bridge.
  • Work started on Monday 13th March and this phase will last for 5 weeks.
  • This letter was delivered to residents on the High Street who will need to park elsewhere during this time.
  • I would urge all residents to be patient and understanding while the works and improvements are completed.
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