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North Somerset Council Council Tax guide 2022-23

£150 Council tax rebate

In February 2022 the government announced that all households in council tax bands A to D will receive a £150 council tax rebate for 2022-23 (or more accurately an ‘Energy Rebate’) to help with rising energy costs.

In North Somerset the funding applies to 76,656 homes – about three-quarters of homes locally – giving a total of £11.5m available.

Is it really a council tax rebate?

Not really. It has been confirmed that the payments to households will sit outside of the Council Tax system, but that we will be asked to administer them based on our local data and using our teams. This is testament to the ability of local government to distribute funding quickly and efficiently throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation has now been released and refers to the Energy Rebate Scheme.

What will our annual council tax bill say?

When council tax bills are sent out in March they will not show a reduced amount for affected properties. However, we will ensure that bills reference the £150 rebate to avoid misunderstanding.

When will residents receive their £150?

The Chancellor referred to “from April” in the government’s press release but as we are still awaiting information and guidance the exact timing remains uncertain. The Council will of course seek to make the payment as soon as we can – hopefully in April.

Will residents receive the rebate automatically or will they have to apply?

There will be an automatic award process, and the Council is hoping to use existing direct debits to enable payments directly into bank accounts. We recommend that residents sign up for direct debits as the smoothest way to pay their Council tax bills.

Once further guidance has been received from the government, we will look to implement an appropriate system for all other taxpayers that is efficient, easy to use, and has appropriate safeguards against fraudulent activity. Anyone in bands A-D not paying by direct debit will then be contacted by the council and arrangements put in place so payment can be made.

What about people in E-H banded properties and those in need who don’t pay council tax?

In addition to the £150 payment for bands A-D, there will be a discretionary fund available. The scope and guidance for the discretionary scheme is unconfirmed but it is expected that the Council will need to design elements of the scheme to target help where it is most needed and where relevant, for band E-H households.

Check your Council Tax band

How domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax bands

If you usually go into the Town Hall and use one our council tax payment kiosks, please consider switching to online payments. You can find out more here or pay by phone by calling 01934 888 121. You will need your 10-digit council tax reference number, which you can find on your bill, and your credit or debit card.