wemberham lane – completed

The road closure is planned for Saturday 22nd August between 8:00am – 5:00pm. However, the work is weather dependent and the forecast for this week is not looking favourable for surface dressing so the schedule may change at short notice.

The surface dressing work was completed on 22nd August. The road will be swept 3 times over the next couple of weeks. Road markings will be put back following the final sweep.

Map showing the extent of the surface dressing work.

The crew will start out on the moors and work back towards the village and North End Road.

What is be done exactly?
Properties directly affected will have received a copy of this leaflet. The leaflet provides useful information on what is involved. 

IMPORTANT: Please avoid parking on Wemberham Lane before the works are due to take place and move any vehicles by 8:00am… otherwise the Council’s contractor will not be able to carry out the works.

Will vehicles be able to get in and out on the day?
Residents of Horsecastle Farm Road and the roads off it will not have received the leaflet. The works team is confident they will be able to manage vehicle movements in and out of these roads. Please note there will be a very short period when surface dressing will be taking place at the junction to Horsecastle Farm Road when no access at all will be possible.

Surface Dressing is a very fast moving process, so it is difficult to say where the crew will be at any given point. The Council employ traffic marshals who can communicate with one another and will be best placed to advise residents/businesses on access arrangements during the day.

The traffic marshalls will manage vehicle movements in and out between the Horsecastle Farm Road junction and North End Road, but please respect what they tell you and the rest of the crew carrying out the work.

Have we consulted local businesses – e.g. Bob Martin – and landowners?
Yes, they have been informed and will receive another call closer to the start of the work. Properties beyond the Wemberham Lane road bridge have been advised that access will be difficult during the day but the crew will do their best to accommodate farm traffic.

Will waste and recycling collections be affected?
I recognise that Thursday is ‘bin day’ in this part of the village. The Biffa crews have been asked to visit first thing on Thursday morning (7:00am)… so please put bins out on Wednesday evening.