A 21st Century Council(lor)

Local Government works better for citizens when it is transparent, engaging and accountable. You need community in order to drive change but equally the Council needs to listen and be accountable in order for citizens to engage with that process.

Above all, if elected…

  • I will be visible, approachable and answerable to residents – and not to a political party.

My priorities:

  • I will work with like-minded councillors to make North Somerset Council ‘open by default’ and remove unnecessary barriers facing citizens who want to improve their communities.
  • I will convene a Citizens’ Assembly in the ward* which will meet at least 3 times a year to hear residents’ concerns and report on action taken.

I recognise that not everyone will be able to attend public meetings or feel confident to share their opinions in public. My role would also be to provide a voice for those who struggle to represent themselves.

An Informed Community

We need better tools for community conversation. There is no parish newsletter in Yatton and neither is everyone online. In order to build more of a sense of community we need an informed community.

  • I will host a regular podcast that will share information, record the voice of civic life as it happens and give encouragement to those taking the small yet powerful actions that make our community ‘richer’ and more resilient.
  • I will provide timely and meaningful reports to parish councillors and share these online.
  • I will hold regular advice surgeries.

I will also inform myself.

  • I will make regular ward walks to spot problems and will stop and listen to your views and concerns.
  • I will engage with local farmers to better understand the opportunities and issues they are facing.
  • I will take the bus sometimes and talk to passengers.
  • I will listen to young voices.

* The Citizen’s Assembly could be hosted in different locations across the ward.

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