The Environment

Research shows that using or having a connection with nature is good for us in many different ways. This is why it’s vital we have a thriving and accessible countryside, so we all have the opportunity to fall in love with nature.

  • I recognise that climate change is a real and growing threat to our planet and accept my responsibility to show determination and leadership in addressing the challenge and preparing our communities for a sustainable future. After North Somerset Council unanimously declared a ‘climate emergency’ in February 2019, if elected I will play an active role in exploring ways the council can go carbon neutral.
  • I want everyone to be able to breathe clean air, and live in a village with clean and reliable public transport with vehicle charging points.
  • I will be a vocal advocate for the protection and enhancement of our green spaces.
  • I will emphasise the importance and need for the protection of trees and woodlands – particularly ancient trees – in our community.
  • I will support measures to improve and increase accessibility to our unique Levels and Moors landscape – a valuable outdoor classroom. 
  • I wholeheartedly support the resolution of North Somerset Council to oppose any proposal for shale exploration to be allowed to bypass the authority’s planning system through permitted development.

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