Traffic, roads and public transport

Our local bus services are too infrequent and unreliable. We need investment to ensure regular bus services to and from Clevedon, Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. We also need to see additional investment in rail capacity.

We need to get serious about making Yatton a safer place to walk and cycle around.

My priorities:

  • I will seek action to reduce the number of HGV movements at peak times.
  • I will work with transport companies to develop a strategic plan for the transport infrastructure of Yatton, Claverham, Kingston Seymour and Kenn to significantly improve the accessibility and reliability of local bus services.
  • I will explore options for demand-responsive community transport services – e.g. opportunities to harness taxis and private hire vehicles as part of the public transport network… while seeking financial resilience for community transport provision.

Speed limits:

  • I support the introduction of a 20mph zone from Cherry Grove to Well Lane.
  • I will push for a 20mph zone around the proposed new primary school at North End… and the urgent extension of the 30mph limit as far as The Bridge Inn.
  • I will campaign for a reduced, monitored 30mph speed limit on Smallway.

Yatton Bus Stops