Young people, children, families and education

We need to get better at listening to young voices.

My top priority:
  • I will actively seek the advice of young people so we can co-create better facilities in Yatton.

We must all work to ensure that the creation of the new 210-place primary school at North End will add to (and not diminish) community cohesion.

  • I will (with others) monitor the development of the school in partnership with the Clevedon Learning Trust (the successful bidding Academy Trust) ready for September 2020.
  • I will be mindful of the need for a smooth transition given a possible deficit of school places in 2019/20 and I will listen to any concerns of parents.

North Somerset Council is one of the lowest-funded education authorities in the country. Demand for secondary places at Backwell School is increasing and, if current admission trends were to continue, the ‘Backwell cluster’ will have a deficit of around -264 places by 2023. I understand the Council is reviewing the need for new secondary places across this cluster that may include an expansion of Backwell School or an option to open a new secondary school within another newly created secondary-school cluster “in the centre of North Somerset” (that’s us), subject to sufficient demand.

  • Home to School transport: I will act on the concerns of parents whose children are faced with journeys to Backwell School using unreliable public transport.
  • I will closely monitor the demand for new secondary places across the Backwell cluster.