Manifesto (2019)

I am excited to share my manifesto for Yatton, Claverham, Kingston Seymour and Kenn – as your Community Candidate for North Somerset Council on 2nd May.

The role of councillor is complex, challenging… and changing. I believe I am the only candidate in Yatton ward to set out my local priorities that explain what I’d do if elected.

This is a significant moment in the evolution of our community. The question now is how best we shape the inevitable growth… while at the same time protect and enhance what is most special to us.

I am placing community cohesion & resilience, and transparency, at the heart of my campaign.

North Somerset Council faces tough choices every day, but we have to change the way business is done. I want more openness and better communication between the Council and the community. I feel that I can do something positive and tangible… rather than simply hold others to account all the time.

If elected, I will bring some energy and purpose to my role – which is representing the community to the council, not to simply justify Council decisions to the community.

I can promise independence and will continue to act as a community campaigner.

Thank you for reading… and (hopefully) for your support.


these are my top priorities:
Like many residents, I have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of joined-up thinking. Nobody in a position of influence seems to be looking at our community as a whole or planning for its future. I will facilitate the creation of a Community Action Plan for Yatton ward with priorities set by the community.
I will support genuinely affordable and social housing for local needs while continuing to campaign against inappropriate and unsustainable over-development. 
We need to get serious about making our villages safer places to walk and cycle around. I will seek action to reduce the number of HGV movements at peak times. 
I will campaign for an accessible and reliable bus service

“The best ideas already exist within communities themselves. They just need to be found… and supported.” Michael Sheen, Actor and Campaigner