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Local Plan 2038

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I hosted an online public meeting on 25th August 2020 to discuss housing and planning in Yatton and the emerging Local Plan. I shared this slide presentation and link to a planning map


Curo’s Reserved Matters application for 154 dwellings received planning approval on 1st July 2020 and will take roughly three years to build out. Given my original opposition to development on this site (which was granted outline permission for ‘up to 170 homes’ in March 2016) we pushed Curo to significantly improve the plans as originally submitted. I want to look ahead and am pleased this site will be built out by Curo and deliver 46 much-needed affordable homes to the village – 82% for social rent and 18% for shared ownership. I also welcome Curo’s on-going commitment to close working relationships with the community. The timeline looks something like this, but is very fluid given the current circumstances.

  • Sept 2020 – Roundabout works complete
  • Sept 2020 – Work began on residential site
  • May 2021 – First homes ready for occupation
  • Nov 2023 – All homes built out