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This page is to provide impartial information for voters in Yatton ward.

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Who Can I Vote For?

Where Do I Vote?
7:00am – 10:00pm

On Thursday 2nd May we go to the polls to elect 50 councillors to North Somerset Council.

Of course, some of you will have already registered a postal vote.

In 2015, the local elections coincided with a General Election. A number of Conservative councillors won narrowly, which resulted in their 44 per cent vote share translating to over 75 per cent of Council seats.

Who are the candidates?

Yatton ward is ranked 8th in number of residents out of the 35 wards in North Somerset. There’s a ward profile here.

There are six candidates standing in Yatton ward and we elect two councillors.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Who Can I Vote For?

Note: If you live in Horsecastle ward you will also be handed a ballot paper to elect five parish councillors. There are six candidates. 

When and where do I vote?

Polling day is Thursday 2nd May.

Polling stations will open at 7:00am and close at 10:00pm.

Yatton ward is divided into six polling districts. All registered electors should have received a polling card, which gives you notice of the election and tells you where you need to vote. You do not need to take the polling card with you to the polling station, although it may help to identify you more quickly.

Yatton ward – polling stations

If you are unsure of your polling station, this is the easiest way to find out:

Visit: Where Do I Vote?
You only need your postcode

There is also a ward map on the North Somerset Council website.

If you are still unsure, email me at: and I can tell you where you should vote.

Polling Stations

Kenn Village Hall
Kenn Street, Kenn BS21 6TW

Kingston Seymour Village Hall
Ham Lane, Kingston Seymour BS21 6XE

Claverham Village Hall
Bishops Road, Claverham BS49 4NF

Horsecastle Chapel
Horsecastle Farm Road, Yatton BS49 4BJ

Methodist Church
High Street, Yatton BS49 4DW

Yatton Village Hall
The Causeway, Yatton BS49 4HL

When will we know the results?

In North Somerset, while the ballot papers will be verified after polling stations close at 10:00pm on 2nd May, the count itself will commence at 9:30am on Friday 3rd May in the main sports hall at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. We should know the results by noon.

In a two-member ward like ours, the “Kangaroo” method will be used to count the votes.

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